Last week we won at The London Hair & Beauty Awards 2018!  We are now officially the 'Best Tanning Salon in London.  We are very proud of our roots as primarily spray tanners here in Islington & offer spray tan appointments late into the evening & weekends. 

Our weight loss injection plan is brought to you by our resident doctor who is in-salon every Wednesday or takes online appointments every Tuesday.  

This weight loss plan works in four key ways:  It reduces your appetite, destroys sugar cravings, enables you to form good habits without the niggling of hunger & avoids the dreaded 'starvation mode' (Ketoacidosis). 

The appetite suppressant used in our injections regulate the glucose in your blood, which means your body can use your stored fat for energy.  
An initial consulation (either online or face-to-face) with 1 pen which lasts 22 days & typically sees an initial weight loss of 1 stone is £200.  

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We are pleased to announce the successful launch of Russian Volume Lashes here at our salon, The N7 Collective in Islington.  

If you are looking to book Russian Volume lashes in London or Russian Volume lashes in Islington we are the girls for you.  

Russian volume lashes transform the sparsest & thinnest lashes into a set that Kim Kardashian herself would be proud of.  We offer 2D - 6D Russian volume lashes for £100 per full set or £70 for an infill.  

We offer:  

2D Russian volume lashes
3D Russian volume lashes
4D Russian volume lashes
5D Russian volume lashes
6D Russian volume lashes

To book yourself a set of eyelash extensions in London simply follow the links on the website to book.  


Our New, Extended Lash Menu 

Looking for fabulous lash treatments in Islington, London?  The N7 Collective in Islington has a comprehensive list of lash treatments including: 

LVL lash lift  - this revolutionary lash lift treatment is one of the best value of it's kind in London.  LVL lash lift in Islington for just £45.  This lash lift treatment is great for those with naturally long lashes who are not into high maintenance eyelash extensions.  

Individual eyelash extensions - for those wanting longer & fuller lashes, individual eyelash extensions in london, otherwise known as semi permanent eyelash extensions in London are the ideal treatment.  Taking 1 hour 15 minutes to apply and lasting up to 6 weeks they are ideal for holidays or every day life.  

Russian volume lashes - the mac daddy of lashes!  Russian volume lashes in London can cost upwards of £300 yet a full set of russian volume eyelash extensions in Islington at our salon is only £100 making them a luxury yet value option.  

For those on a budget we also do cheap eyelash extensions in the form of Express Lashes at just £40.  To book express lashes or party lashes in london for just £40 is great value.  

To book your lashes please follow the links throughout the website.  


It's spray tan season!  Summer is coming & what better way to look better and feel better than a spray tan in Islington?  

Here at our salon, The N7 Collective in Islington we offer:  

Spray tanning in Islington
Spray tanning in London
Late night spray tan in London
Late night spray tan in Islington
Mobile spray tan in London
Mobile spray tan in Islington
Cocoa Brown Spray tan in London
Sienna X spray tan in London

If you are looking for a rapid spray tan then we have the Cocoa Brown spray tan which you can wash off in as little as two hours.  

If you are looking for a late night spray tan appointment, we offer spray tans until 10pm.  

As of April we will be offering mobile spray tans in Islington and surrounding areas.  

To book your spray tan appointment follow the links to book.